What are the benefits of being a Rotarian?

  1. Networking with other leaders in our community
  2. Hearing speakers present on matters and issues that impact our community, state and nation 
  3. Participating in service projects that enhance our community, nation and world

What is required of members?

We want our members to be active in the Club. Though attendance is no longer mandatory, we strongly encourage members to get to know other Rotarians by attending the weekly lunch meetings, serving on at least one committee and participating in service projects.

How can I become a member?

Potential members are sponsored by a current member and approved by the Club's membership.  By sponsoring an individual, the Club member agrees that:

  1. His/her character and reputation are above reproach.
  2. Reputation of the individual and/or his/her firm in the general community, with competitors, and with whom the individual/firm deals shall be the very best.
  3. He/she is “service-minded.”
  4. He/she is able to meet promptly financial obligations of membership.
  5. He/she is able to attend weekly meetings regularly.
  6. He/she is not currently a member of any other civic club.

How much does it cost to be a member?

Membership is billed quarterly at a rate of $360, the breakdown of which follows:

  • Membership Dues          $40
  • Annual Rotary Night       $15
  • Meals                                 $246 
  • Paul Harris - Rotary Foundation Contribution (Optional)   $25 
  • Youth Opportunity Grants (Optional)   $10
  • CART (Coins for for Alzheimer’s Research Trust, Optional)  $24

If you are unable to attend all the meetings, an invoice for the full amount of $360 will still be sent so that the Club can fund budgeted service projects.   

Click Here for the Rotary Membership Application 


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